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Cn continental s.r.l.

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Industry: Rubber and Plastics
Employees: 11 - 50
Region: Piemonte
City: Tortona


Located in a logistically advantageous position, it occupies two factories for a total of 35,000 square meters of surface for production, offices, warehouse and loading area.
Founded in the 1980s on the initiative of Paolo Bisio, CN Continental is now managed by the sons Pierluigi, Patrizia and Giovanni. A family business that has become a leader in the field of plastic materials processing by injection and blow molding, a company well known to large retailers and to the main wholesalers, importers and operators in the sector.
The experience gained over the years has allowed CN Continental to forge collaborative relationships with companies and multinationals for the production of technical items and components for the automotive industry, the white goods industry and which find application in various other sectors.
The real strength of CN Continental lies in its ability to allow the customer to realize an idea.
The company is able to offer customer support from design to finalization of plastic products.
CN Continental's production activity is based on 4 perfectly consolidated and complementary technological processes: blow molding, injection molding, filling and regeneration.
Blow molding technology is used to create hollow bodies. The company has 11 continuous extrusion blow molding machines for the production of bottles and cans from 0.1 to 20 liters and 10 blow molding machines with accumulation head for the production of containers up to 500 liters or technical parts up to 20 kg. .
Injection molding allows the creation of products of different shapes and sizes. The company has 3 injection presses from 100 to 680 tons.
In CN Continental we also have 1 mixer and 2 tanks for the preparation and storage of eutectic solutions. The latter are transferred inside cold accumulators and eutectic plates of our production by means of 2 fillers: an automatic rotary filler with 20 dosers of 3 liters each and an in-line filler with 4 dosers with a capacity of 6 liters each.
By means of a grinding and regeneration plant we are able to reuse all plastic waste deriving from production, guaranteeing maximum environmental compatibility of the technology used.
We are able to perform different types of processing on our products. Processing such as drilling, threading, flaming of the burrs can be performed by assigned operators or, alternatively, by 2 recently acquired anthropomorphic robots that simulate the movements of the human arm.
We identify the artifacts of our production by labeling or marking performed with inkjet printers.
In compliance with the regulations in force, on some of our articles (such as Frizet cold storage accumulators) we report the production batch, an essential data to guarantee the traceability of products intended to come into contact with food.
The marking of the products can also be done by pad printing.
To offer a more complete service to customers, we also deal with the assembly of parts from different sources, including components not of our production.

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