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Pierluigi presciuttini

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Industry: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Employees: 0 - 10
Revenues: <0.1 million €
Region: Lazio
City: Montefiascone

Business hours

  • Monday:
  • 07:45 - 20:30
  • Tuesday:
  • 07:45 - 20:30
  • Wednesday:
  • 07:45 - 20:30
  • Thursday:
  • 07:45 - 20:30
  • Friday:
  • 07:45 - 20:30
  • Saturday:
  • 07:45 - 20:30
  • Sunday:
  • 07:45 - 20:30

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The Recovery of Abandoned Fields

A conservative estimate identifies in my territory about 100,000 abandoned plants that no one has cared for and managed for years. Well, one of my goals is to recover as many of these plants as possible, bringing them back to production and taking care of all aspects of the supply chain, from pruning to fertilization and harvesting and transformation of the fruit.

The Night Harvest

A taste experience that will take you on a sensory journey to discover unlimited flavors, full of new and precious sensations.

The "... diNotte®" Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born from a very ambitious but concrete idea. A dream that becomes reality.

The creation of an oil obtained from a process carried out, in all its phases (harvesting, extraction, bottling), in the tranquility of the night hours.

This elegant package contains the uniqueness of the night collection of November 27, 2020.
On that magical night, a very limited series of 1200 bottles was made in just 6 hours of work, from harvesting to extraction.

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