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Pastificio marulo s.r.l.

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Industry: Food and Drinks
Employees: 0 - 10
Revenues: 0.1 - 0.5 mln €
Region: Campania
City: Boscotrecase

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Our company was founded with the aim of producing a high quality artisan pasta, with 100% Italian wheat, slow drying, which is an expression of the tradition of Torre Annunziata, in the province of Naples. Producing only twelve quintals a day, we offer a line of SUPER PREMIUM products intended for a "gourmet" audience. Today our artisan pasta is the result of a careful selection of fine raw materials, 100% Italian, and of processes that have always belonged to the culinary culture of Torre Annunziata that we want to continue to spread in the name of good taste and quality. The bronze drawing and a long and delicate drying at low temperature are key elements to create an indisputably good "brand", able to guarantee flavor, color and cooking resistance. Our pasta is unmistakable for its color, aroma, roughness and porosity, characteristics necessary to enhance the best condiments; its preparation starts from a careful analysis and a wise choice of the best durum wheat, it is totally traceable from the harvest to the plate, to guarantee a product of absolute excellence. Each processing element - such as humidity and temperature - is managed with great attention and precision, thanks to our latest generation machines. After the bronze drawing, the subsequent drying phase is very slow, even two days for some formats. Thus our pasta takes on its excellent characteristics, ready to delight the most demanding palates.

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Ho acquistato questi paccheri trafilati al bronzo nel dicembre del 2020, spedizione in leggero ritardo causa pandemia e Natale (va beh, ci sta onestamente). Comunque il pacco è arrivato come previsto. Le info sulla piattaforma sono chiare e consentono di "tenere sott'occhio" la spedizione. Prodotto arrivato come da descrizione; ottimo packaging, sia estetico che funzionale. La descrizione sulla confezione è chiara e il tempo di cottura è facile da individuare (cosa sempre apprezzata)


SITI srl, Italy, 06/02/2021

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