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The numbers

Typical Southern products

+ 6 %

Export growth 2019

Export growth in the fourth quarter of 2019

90 %

World production of Bergamotto

More than 90% of the world's Bergamotto is produced in Calabria

2 °

Region for oil production

The second region for oil production after Apulia

TOP 10

Chili pepper in the world

The Calabrian chili pepper is among the best in the world


Gianni Versace is born

One of the most important Italian designers of all time

+ 30

Denominations of the region

Among DOP, IGP and DOC of which 9 typical regional wines


Discovered the Riace Bronzes

The world famous statues, symbol of Reggio Calabria


Callipo foundation

The famous company producing tuna and canned fish is founded

The territory

Everywhere you turn, you discover colors, skies and horizons

The region

The tip of the Italian boot, Calabria is characterized by the diversity of its landscapes and the proximity of the mountains to the sea: with its rich historical, cultural and ethnic heritage, it offers a wide range of possibilities for national and international tourists.

The capital

Headquarters of the University "Magna Graecia", Catanzaro is an administrative and commercial center, with many strategic companies for the regional economy. Founded by the Byzantines, today the city lies on a rocky spur, bordered by the valleys crossed by the Musofalo and Fiumarella streams.

The economy

The port of Gioia Tauro is a focal point of the local economy, which, despite being more backward than the rest of Italy, has typical and unique products that are highly appreciated abroad.

Main industries

The cultivation of olive trees and citrus fruits is of very relevant, as are liquorice, chilli pepper and Tropea onions, which are typical local products. The industrial sector is developed in the southern area with the chemical and mechanical sectors. Tourism and the tertiary sector are still the oxygen of Calabrian economy.

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