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The numbers

A long success history

4.5 ML


Tied to the history of their land

4 °

Italian economy

One of the richest Italian region



Divided in two historican and geographical sub-regions

+ 380

Traditional agri-food products

Product recognized by the Ministry of Agruculture


Ferrari foundation

Enzo Ferrari founds the homonymous car company in Maranello


UniBo foundation

Foundation of the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna


Roman miles of Via Emilia

The length of the famous road built in the Roman period


USL companies

One of the best health services in Italy and Europe

The territory

The Italian Motor Valley

The region

Excellent food, sea, fun, architectures, luxury cars and the best mosaics in the world: this is Emilia Romagna. The coat of arms used by the region represents in a stylized way the two essential features of the long history of the region: the wavy line of the Po river and theoblique one of the Via Emilia.

The capital

Home of the oldest university in the world, Bologna is famous for its towers and long porticos, and has one of the biggest old town in Italy.

The economy

The region is based on the work of many SMEs, coperatives and familiar companies carried on for generations. Emilia Romagna is also famous for its "Motor Valley", the place where were born Ducati, Ferrari, Maserati and Pagani.

Main industries

Today the automotive / industrial sectors, together with food and tourism are the engine of the region economy. Prosciutto di Parma, Modena balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano represent timeless culinary icons.

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