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The numbers

From sea to life



Many small towns with typical products and traditions

9.2 %

Economy from the sea

The first Italian region for the sea economy

+ 75 %

Nautical sector

Nautical sector growth from 2013 to 2019

+ 43 k

Artisan enterprises

Almost 30% of region's companies


Blue Flag beaches

First Italian region for the number of Blue Flag beaches


Cinque Terre

UNESCO World Heritage Site and favourite destination for tourists

3 °

Foreign travellers expense

Third Italian region for foreign travellers expense

TOP 50

Worldwide port cities

Genova in the top 50 list of more relevant port cities in the world

The territory

High life quality

The region

A land of imposing mountains and gentle hills coloured by the green of the Mediterranean maquis: the great resource of Liguria is the sea that, with its rocky coasts and fine sandy beaches, is an incredible beauty.

The capital

The city where the Italian anthem was composed, Genova hosts now the headquarters of important companies such as Fincantieri and Costa Crociere. It is part of the "Milan-Turin-Genova" industrial triangle and its history has been linked for centuries to seafaring, trade and industry.

The economy

The conformation of Ligurian territory has always pushed the local economy towards the sea, and to the trade, becoming a land that offers peculiar and unique products.

Main industries

The most flourishing industries are the textile with cotton, hemp and jute, the food with high quality pasta and the famous pesto exported all over the world and, last but not least, tourism, a real lung for the local economy.

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