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The numbers

A great story for a small region

30 %

Significance of the primary sector

Percentage of enterprises in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector

+ 59 %

Made in Molise to conquer the world

In the last year, export grew by 59%, compared to a 46% growth in 2018


FIAT Termoli plant

The FIAT factory on which is based the Molise industrial sector is open


Age of Pecorino di Capracotta

Very ancient Molise cheese, whose origins date back to the time of the Samnites

8 k

Hectares of Vineyards

Produces famous red berry wines, such as Montepulciano and Sangiovese

160 K€

Molise white truffle

In 2008 a 1 kg white truffle harvested in Spinete was sold for 160 k€

> 70 %

Viticulture and olive growing

96 municipalities out of 136 have high hill features suitable for these crops


Places to visit for New York Times

Included in 2020 among the New York Times' 52 places to visit

The territory

Molise exists

The region

Molise extends between the Apennine ridge and the Adriatic Sea. Nature, history, art, ancient traditions and gastronomy are the treasures of this still little known land. When you visit Molise you feel a sensation of "discovery", starting from its territory, mainly mountainous and hilly, furrowed by the characteristic "tratturi", the historical paths of transhumance that unite the pastures of Abruzzo with those of Puglia.

The capital

The city of Campobasso, thanks to its role as administrative center assumed in the nineteenth century, experienced an urban expansion based on a system of orthogonal planks that gave it the nickname of Garden City.

The economy

Molise's economy is poorly developed compared to the Italian average, although it has a slightly higher GDP per capita than other regions of the South.

Main industries

The region's economic income comes mainly from the primary sector. The industry is characterized by the presence of some important realities operating in the automotive sector. Tourism began to develop in the 2000s: the region has wide areas of unspoilt greenery, plains, mountains and 35 km of coastline.

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