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The numbers

A place of quality and excellence

4.3 ML


More than 4 millions citizens, of which almost 1 million in Turin

80 %

Designation of origin wine

Over 80% of produced wine has a designation of origin


FIAT foundation

FIAT, the first Italian car maker, is born

P 101

First Personal Computer

The P101 of Olivetti is considered as the first PC in the world


Year of Winter Olympics

Piedmont as the symbol of 2006 Winter Olympics

18 KM

The arcades of Turin

The city with the largest porticoed pedestrian zone in Europe

25 KM2

Geographical extension

The largest region of the Italian hinterland


Year of the first Rugby match

The first Italian match of Rugby was played in Turin

The territory

A thousand faces and landscapes

The region

Lakes, mountains, hills and plains; a varied and fascinating landscape that gathers cities known for their historical and artistic beauties and others that keep, with elegance and eternity, peculiarities of world interest.

The capital

Known for the refinement of its architecture and cuisine, Turin is one of the capitals of cinema, automobile and publishing. Economic and cultural centre of the region, Turin was the birthplace of world-famous products such as gianduia and cremino.

The economy

The region where entrepreneurship has set a school: from Ferrero to Lavazza, from Fiat to Olivetti. From Piedmont also many brands of automotive design, such as Pininfarina, author of the first car model exhibited at the MoMa in New York.

Main industries

The region maintains a manufacturing vocation and a series of production specializations among which we find the textile district of Biella, the wines of the Langhe and Monferrato, the taps and valves of Cusio-Valsesia, the goldsmithery of Valenza, the truffle and the sweets of Alba and Cuneo.

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