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The numbers

"Sardinia, unique land"

24 %

Agricultural sector

1 inhabitant out of 4 is dedicated to the agricultural sector

97 %

Small companies

Percentage of companies with less than 10 employees


Agricultural export product

The artichoke is the only agricultural product exported from Sardinia

80 %

Pecorino Romano production

80% of the production of this cheese takes place in Sardinia

+ 12 %

Export growth 2019

Sardinian SMEs confirm a positive trend, in third place in the national ranking

27 m€

Exports to the Chinese market

Wood products, cork and straw, metal products, food and beverages


Running Tuna

In the seas of Sardinia, for about 500 years the precious "Running Tuna" has been fished

1 °

Oldest city in Italy

Seems that Sant'Antioco (Sulky) is the oldest city in Italy (800 BC)

The territory

The land of nuraghi

The region

The Greeks called it Hyknusa or Ichnussa (Ιχνουσσα), from the Greek ichnos (human footprint) because of its resemblance to a large footprint, but Sardinia takes its name from the Latin Sardinia, as the Romans called it.

The capital

Cagliari is a fascinating city even if it does not have important elements of grandeur and offers a sometimes resigned image of itself, which changes according to the approach of who look at it and know it for the first time.

The economy

Sardinia's per capita GDP is just over €20,000 per inhabitant, making it one of the poorest regions in Italy. The lack of the infrastructure network and the fact of being an island region are the main causes of the lack of economic development.

Main industries

Sardinia's economy is mainly based on the tertiary sector, although a significant role is played by both the industrial and the agro-pastoral sectors.

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