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The numbers

One of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean

8 %

Dedication to agriculture

Percentage of the population engaged in agriculture

1 °

Cereal production

First Italian region for the production of cereals (wheat)

> 50 %

National citrus fruit harvest

Provides more than half of the national citrus fruit harvest

4 °

Trapani wine exporter

Among the top 10 Italian provinces for wine exports

1 °

Among the first fishing regions

With Apulia, Emilia-Romagna and The Marches it is among the first Italian fishing regions

71 %

Employees in the tertiary sector

Mainly in public administration and retail trade


Cocoa in Modica County

The Spanish imported the first cocoa beans from Mexico


Hectares cultivated with pistachio trees

16% of the territory of Bronte is cultivated with pistachios, on lava soil

The territory

A land of magic and enchantment

The region

Sicily is the largest island in Italy and the Mediterranean, a surprising land rich in history and traditions, where art and culture intertwine with wonderful natural beauty. From the sea to the mountains, passing through countryside, volcanoes and seaside villages, there are many reasons to visit Sicily. As Frederick of Swabia, King of Sicily, exclaimed: “I do not envy God the Heaven, because I am well satisfied to live in Sicily”.

The capital

Palermo includes eighty-two municipalities that contribute in a decisive way to increase the historical, cultural, social and naturalistic importance of this important Sicilian area.

The economy

The economy of Sicily is mainly characterized by agriculture, despite a still partial push towards industrialization and an interesting growth of tourism, a sector extremely promising for the future of the island.

Main industries

The most widespread sectors vary from area to area: from the chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries, to the tertiary and construction sectors, to the most remote areas where agriculture continues to be the main source of economic livelihood.

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