The Marches

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The Marches

The numbers

The only Italian region that has kept the plural name

3 °

Italian seafaring

Third Italian seafaring for catches, behind Sicily and Apulia

+ 4 %

Export growth 2019

Strongly influenced by the significant growth in exports of the nautical sector


Antiques markets

Every month, 120 markets gather at the cloister of San Francesco in Ascoli Piceno

1 °

Most Green region in Italy

In 2018 the region received this title, thanks to cities that focus on eco-sustainability


Varnelli distillery foundation

For over 150 years it has been producing liquors appreciated both in Italy and abroad


Woodworking companies

International companies that exports woodworking machinery all over the world

33 %

DOC and DOCG vineyards

One third of vineyards is dedicated to the production ok DOC and DOCG wines


Gradara one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Village with medieval architecture, famous for the bigol and the Gemischt

The territory

A land of harmonious and sinuous forms

The region

The Marches is in central Italy, as wonderful as unusual for their diversity of landscapes and territory. Expanses of orchards and vineyards on the Picentine hills and in the Esino Valley surround farmhouses with ancient warmth where you can rediscover the simple taste of genuine products. Noble houses or old sharecropping houses used as farmhouses tell the story of life in the past, and welcome travellers and tourists in search of authentic emotions.

The capital

The city of Ancona is at one with the sea and the port. Founded by the Syracusans, precisely because of the natural shelter provided by Mount Conero, it has always been deeply linked to its unique geographical position.

The economy

The Marches is one of the most industrialized regions in Italy. The entrepreneurial activity is mainly characterized by small family businesses.

Main industries

The primary sector, predominant until the Second World War, is now marginal in its contribution to the regional economy. The sector of small and medium industries and trade is the real engine of the economy of Marche region, in addition to the presence of large petrochemical industries and the production of household appliances.

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