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The numbers

The heart of the peninsula

20 %

Of GDP is based on steel

The steel mills of Terni and the transformation companies are famous


Alcantara S.p.A. foundation

Famous Made in Italy brand that produces in Nero Montoro, in the heart of Umbria

70 %

DOC wine production

The Orvieto accounts for 70% of the entire region's DOC wine production

45 %

Black truffle production

Almost 45% of the Italian black truffle is produced in Valnerina


Food companies

The food industry is the strenght of the economy of the region


Cities that produce the Norcia ham

Only 5 cities are known for the production of the real Norcia IGP ham


Perugina foundation

The famous historical brand of Italian confectionery products is founded


UNESCO sites

7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Assisi and the Church of San Damiano

The territory

This is Umbria, the land of gods

The region

Umbria is characterized by green hills and settlements rich in history and traditions. It is the only region of peninsular Italy that is not washed by the sea and offers a rich variety of nature and art with customs and traditions anchored to centuries-old traditions.

The capital

Cultural, productive and managerial hub of the region, it is an international tourist destination. Perugia is rich in monuments, seat of important university institutions and home of artists of the calibre of Perugino and Pinturicchio. Famous for being the city of chocolate, it is also home to important Italian textile companies such as Luisa Spagnoli.

The economy

The regional development model has always been based on the traditional sectors of Made in Italy and on the presence of large specialized companies.

Main industries

Today the region's economy is based on four specific sectors, namely industry, crafts, agriculture and tourism. There are many typical products such as Alcantara fabric, black truffle and Norcia pecorino cheese.

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