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The numbers

The most visited Italian region

38 %

Of companies operates abroad

Companies that operate also outside from Italian boarders

8 k€

Average Standard Output for hectare

The second Italian highest Standard Output after Lombardy


Tourists expense

Yearly average expense of tourists in Veneto

+ 40 %

Tourism employees growth

Tourism employees growth in the last 10 years


Quality food products

Number of food products recognized as high quality

17 %

Of renewable energy

Energy consumption covered by renewables in Veneto

23 %

Of companies are industrial

One of the highest Italian percentages

1110 yr.

History of Serenissima

One of the longest uninterrupted forms of government

The territory

A sight for the eyes and heart

The region

The most visited region of Italy is not only appreciated for its beautiful Venice, but also for its magnificent tourist places. It takes the name from the "popolo dei Veneti", an Indo-European population who settled in the area after the middle of the second millennium BC.

The capital

San Marco Square, the Rialto bridge, the Canal Grande, the Peggy Guggheneim collection and the Biennale, the Palazzo Ducale, the Fenice theatre, the lagoon: all in one place, Venice, the maritime pearl of Italy.

The economy

Famous for typical products such as Vetro di Murano, the economy of Venice is driven by artisan workshops and animal breeding, but it is also home to important multinationals such as Diesel, Replay and Benetton, De Longhi and Geox.

Main industries

In addition to tourism, which remains the vital sector, the textile industry, strongly rooted in the region, and agriculture are relevant. Corn, wheat, potatoes and rice as well as different types of fruit and especially different types of vineyards from which wine and the famous prosecco are made.

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